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The Unexpected Costs of Carpet Cleaning Yourself: What You Need to Know.

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The Unexpected Costs of Carpet Cleaning Yourself: What You Need to Know.

A breakdown of what doing it yourself really costs

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Self-promotion, well kind of, yes and no.

Hi, my name is Matt Martino, and I am the owner of a carpet cleaning company called Carpet Guy, in Fort Collins, CO.  

This article isn’t just for telling you about the high-quality carpet cleaning service I offer but to also show you why to hire a professional is a more cost-effective plan than cleaning the carpets yourself.  To help you decide which option will work best for you, hire a professional or rent a carpet cleaning machine and do it yourself, even if you chose not to go with Carpet Guy Carpet Cleaning.

It would be easy to just say “professional carpet cleaning machines are better than rentals”, while this is true there is another point worth mentioning. Hiring a professional may be cheaper, less work for you, and will give you better results. 

What companies who rent carpet cleaning machines won’t tell you

The unexpected costs of renting a carpet cleaning machine.

Let’s take the carpet cleaner you can rent at your local grocery store or big box store. I won’t give brand names, as I don’t want to be sued, but this machine apparently has a Ph.D. in carpet cleaning. At the nearest big box store near me, the cost of renting a carpet cleaning machine is $39.97 for 24 hours, cleaning solution is not included. That adds another $25.97. This solution is with pet treatment only. I included both pet and high-traffic treatment at no extra cost.

So far, we are at $65.94 without taxes. Do you have any stains that need spot treatment? That’s an extra $9.47 for a small spray bottle. Our total is $75.41, and with tax, it is $80.27. If you are only cleaning 1 area it is already not worth doing it yourself, I only charge $59.99 per area. Shop around, other carpet cleaning companies may offer similar deals.

Rental Costs for Fort Collins, CO




Machine rental

 $ 39.97

Cleaning Solution

 $ 25.97

Spot treatment

 $    9.47


 $    4.86


 $ 80.27

The cost of time to doing it yourself

The cost of time is the one thing we all seem to forget to consider. We all do it, the idea of saving money by doing it ourselves seems like a great idea. Many times, it is, and if you gained some knowledge from it even better. But did you factor in the cost of your time? I will share a simple formula I use to help decide if it is worth it to do it myself.

In Colorado, the minimum wage is $12.65 per hour. Now I figure out how long each part of the job will take. Drive time and time to fill out paperwork to rent and pick up the equipment. Set up and learn how to use it at home. Doing the job, in this case, time to clean one area. Clean up after the job, clean the machine out, putting everything back together. Last, is the time it takes to drive and return the carpet cleaning machine.

These times are not exact, and a little extra time is added to them. I am assuming you are not going for a speed run in cleaning carpets.

Here are the times,

Colorado minimum wage

 $ 12.65




in hours


Areas to be cleaned




Drive and rent




Learning and setup




Cleaning the carpet




Clean up after




Returning the machine




Total time




Total time x wage

 $ 75.90

 $ 101.20

 $ 126.50

If you were to pay yourself minimum wage it would cost $75.90 in labor. Carpet Guy does 1 area for $59.99. Saving you $15.91 in time.

Total Costs

Now let’s look at the total cost, money spent, and the cost of your time.

Areas to be cleaned




Rental and supply costs

 $   – 80.27

 $   – 80.27

 $   – 80.27

Your time cost

 $    -75.90

 $  -101.20

 $  -126.50

Total cost

 $  -157.17

 $  -183.47

 $  -209.77

Carpet Guy cost

 $    59.99

 $  119.98

 $  179.97

Saving you

 $    +97.18

 $    +63.49

 $    +29.80

As you can see here, if you value your time and money, hiring a professional to clean your carpets is more cost-effective, plus you get pet and high traffic treatment at no extra charge.

You can save even more money with bulk area deals, call for those details. We also offer Senior and Military discounts.

Final Thoughts

When you are choosing which professional to hire, please do the research. Of course, I am going to say that Carpet Guy will give you the most cost-effective, highest-quality professional carpet cleaning service in Northern Colorado. Even if you do choose to not go with Carpet Guy, please call around and talk to the professionals. Get price quotes, check which services they offer, and ask if they use EPA Safer Choice cleaning solutions that are safer for both the environment and your family.

Most importantly look on Google for a green circle with a checkmark next to their website. This is a Google Guarantee, it means Google has verified them and they have passed a background check. You are inviting us into your home, choose a professional that has been cleared as trustworthy and safe.

I hope this article helps you with your carpet cleaning needs. If you choose to go with Carpet Guy you can call me at (970) 290-7242 or go to

Best Regards,

Matt Martino

Owner of Carpet Guy

Carpet Guy Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Spring Cleaning? Don't Panic!

Experience the highest quality professional carpet cleaning services in Fort Collins and all of Larimer County, with the Carpet Guy.

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Spring Cleaning? Don't Panic!

Experience the highest quality professional carpet cleaning services in Fort Collins and all of Larimer County, with the Carpet Guy.

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